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Just Good Ol’ Jordanne

Let’s begin this how so many others have started, shall we..

hello! hi! sup! whats up! what’s gucci?

My name is Jordanne (obvious right?) I’m a 22 year old who doesn’t take herself too seriously. I come from a notoriously funny family but oddly my boyfriend, Marc, doesn’t think I’m too funny. Weird right?

I’ve lived in southern California my whole life and no not LA. Marc and I spend most of our time at home, with family, or on the central coast. We might be homebodies but we like to go to the beach.

I should explain this whole blog thing huh? Why the 3 N’s? Why “Just” but not really? I’ve wanted to start a blog since I started following all my favorite bloggers on Instagram a few years ago. Now I’m finally starting and feeling oh so lost. But I want people to get to know me for me hence the “Just” because its just who I am! And the 3 N’s..? Well that’s because I’m extra hahahahhaha!

I’m going to kick it off with 10 facts about me:

  1. I am a nanny for a sweet 10 year old boy.
  2. I love love love glitter. I am that meme that says “when you step into my life” and it shows a foot covered in glitter… yeah that has happened to me also..
  3. Marc and I have been together for 3+ years. We met my first semester in college. and his 200th or so semester ahhaa. He’s 26 and still in school getting his masters in business. He got his Bachelors in Engineering with an emphasis in Petroleum. I am so so proud of him and tell him everyday.
  4. My favorite color is emerald green and I have the furniture to prove it
  5. I’m wildly in love with throwing parties and home decor.
  6. I’m addicted to my phone. It is sporting a shattered screen right now but that doesn’t stop our love hahaha
  7. I played soccer for 6 years. From junior high to high school. I thought I was pretty good since I always played but maybe I wasn’t.. if you don’t think girls are mean (I don’t know why you wouldn’t) then go check out a high school girls soccer game. Brutalllll!! I have permanent shin, knee, and toe damage.
  8. My middle name is Kaylee. Very confusing to most. My family calls me Kaylee and Marc’s family calls me Jordanne. It was very funny when my mom met his mom. I’ve gone by Jordanne since junior high since it was easier to do that than correct the teachers.
  9. I am a twin. My Fraternal twin sister, Taylor, and I do not look the least bit related. I also have a little sister Littles* and Brudda* who I love and adore. *nicknames.
  10. I, like most young people my age, have anxiety and deal with it pretty regularly. I think is it super important to talk about and talk thru. I believe starting this blog will help.

This blog for me is going to be a place where i can share my home, style, any parties i do or ideas i have for some, also just a place i can open up and share my life. Also to make friends, I mean I don’t want to brag but I’m sort of fun. “Lets Collab!” or something the bloggers say… I’m just saying let’s go eat and take a picture or two. I’m down to throw a party or two haaha!

Thanks for stopping by and reading a little about me. I already love writing, well typing but still. There are a few pictures below so you can find out more about me and my life.

Just good ol’ Jordanne

new years 2017 we were both sick..


somewhere off hwy 33
my notoriously funny cousin Kara (left) and Momma Julie (center)
disneyland 2015
Lolli & Pops Christmas Eve party 2016
marcus my love
my home right now. it changes every month or so hahah
Sam & Ryland, my best buddies and Marcs cousins/ Sam is his twin. (not really but i swear they were separated at birth)
my cute little brother and sister
Littles 6th Unicorn Tea party birthday
just good ol jordanne in my natural habitat
cutest cousins and littles

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