Dream Job

You know that horrible question you get from birth till you actually figure out what to do with your whole existence..?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When first asked that question in kindergarten, my answer was police officer. They dressed me up as one, put me in front of a camera, and had me say it. Then they showed it at back to school night or whatever, officially putting it into the world that I was a fat liar.

I realize now that, yes, I don’t want to be a police officer (dangerous and courageous) but my dream job now is Party Planner -slash- just give me money and let me decorate a party please. In reality, any job that I have to decorate for is my type of job.

I knew deep down I always liked decorating because of those stupid computer tests they make you take in every grade. (One of my suiting jobs was always in a field with Interior Design and I was always like “Interior Design and Police Officer are basically the same thing, right?” LOL..) I didn’t know for sure that it was the right choice til I met Marc’s mom, Ty. I walked into her house around Christmas (Marc and I started dating in December) and I instantly felt like I was transported to the North Pole! (I will post a picture of her tree!) It was absolutely amazing. No words you guys. She’s an Interior Decorator and honestly works miracles with mesh. She also throws amazing parties with little to no help and it’s just incredible. I knew right away I wanted to be able to do all the things like her and I’ve slowly gotten better.

I wish I had started this blog two years ago so I could have posted about all the parties I have helped with and thrown. Also gotten better pictures but I guess I will just have to recreate them… mannnn ;)! Lucky for me I am helping with more parties this year. I’ll keep you posted on those cause I know you are interested!

I put together a little photo shoot of party supplies I had. A favorite theme of mine is black, white, and gold.

Let me know what you think!

Just Jordanne

Here is Ty’s tree from this past Christmas.  And Marc being sorta cute. This picture doesn’t do either of them justice. 


A’s are from a graduation party for a friend. Cake plate is from Home Goods.


party tip: put utensils in cute holders.


always need a drink station. no matter what.


i got this drink dispenser at Home Goods.
i love balloons. they just aren’t for kids parties!
this made me want to throw a party badly.

3 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. Thank you for such a touching tribute. I have always loved decorating. I have seen first hand how talented you are. Keep having fun, trying new things enjoying enjoying enjoying!! Do what makes you happy and always smile at how happy you’ve made people. Kisses sweet girl!


  2. Spot on! Keep going after what makes you happy, with of course, the bringing home the bacon part!!! You are very talented and have an amazing heart.


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