JJ's Weekend Updates

JJ’s Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Marc and I usually have very busy weekends. We travel to see my mom, who lives two hours away, or are just busy with family, plans, projects, or vacationing. We don’t mean to be busy because we are homebodies. Homebodies in the sense that we are homebodies during the week and non homebodies on the weekends.

My weekends start Thursday since I do not work most Fridays. Unfortunately, Marc works Fridays so I am home bored most of the day. Sometimes it’s good to clean the house and do laundry but let’s be honest I don’t. This weekend we stayed busy and I got out of the house on Friday.


I’m a pretty good sleeper, which means I get 8-10 hours almost every night, also I have nowhere to be so why not!? I got up around 9:30ish. Ok I lied it was 10. Marc gets up at 6 for work so I casually just spread out and go back to sleep.

I text my friend Sam to see if she wanted to go for a Target run. I needed trash bags. As always she was down. #TargetFriendsForLife She had just put (my best bud) Ryland down for his nap so that gave me plenty of time to get ready. Now Sam is cute in anything so I knew I had to get dressed too. So I threw my hair into a pony, pulled some pants out of the dirty clothes, and put some mascara over the mascara from the day before. Yall this isn’t a fashion blog for a reason!

We got to Target and started our shopping. Shopping List: trash bags and hair dye. About 15- 20 minutes into us getting there, Sam looked at me and said “Maybe we should enter the store?” cause we might have just spent all that time in the dollar section in the front of the store. I know we are not the only ones guilty of this! We proceeded to enter the store for the actual stuff we had come for… Not before looking at everything. Target man, amiright?!

After Target robbed us, I took Sam to get her oil changed and like the great friend I am, chauffeured her and Ryland to lunch while we waited. Sam snapchatted Marc that I was driving her and Marc was very jealous. (I like when he drives me! No one else will drive me around!)


Marc and I tend to sleep in til 8 then I take a two hour nap til 10. Like usual, we cuddled in bed for a while talking about the past week and other such things.

Then he got up and started to get dressed, practically forcing me to get out of bed so I didn’t look lazy hahaha! We decided on where to go for lunch, Sub Station. We had a nice lunch and came back home, relaxed then started cleaning.

We like to clean and keep our house pretty tidy for the most part. We made dinner, which was what we like to call Fajita Chicken. I will have to do a recipe post for it!


We got up late and ate some breakfast. Then went to go babysit my cousins. Ry, my little 10 year old cousin text me and asked if we could have a Nerf gun war when we came over.

I don’t want to brag but I’m a legit babysitter. The last couple times I have watched them, we have played Hide-N-Seek in the dark! My family gets intensely competitive. We hide in cabinets, on shelves, and under furniture or on top. We lost Ry for 4 rounds last time cause she hid behind our bed. Its pretty legit.

She asked if we had Nerf guns, which of course we do, but I told her no so we could come in guns blazing! Rhy, my 8 year old cousin, is very athletic and quick. So we had to bring our A game!

We played pretty much nonstop for two hours. Boy versus girls then switching. Very high stakes poker intense times. Easter eggs were being thrown as decoys, pillow forts were being built, rules were being made up, territories were planned out. I’m not kidding!

We had the whole house clean before their parents got home, like right as they were pulling up hahah! They are a lot of fun.

Once we were done babysitting, Sam texted and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner. She made homemade spaghetti sauce and meat “lumps” (balls) hahaha. It was really really good. Sam doesn’t like many people, like any people really so it’s always a honor to get an invite from her hahahaha! We always have a good time!

We tend to either be extremely busy on weekends or being bumps on a log. There’s no inbetween. I will post mostly about our fun weekends.

Stay tuned cause I have some fun events/posts coming up!

As Always

Just Jordanne

Sam and I have a Target addiction and no we do not need help.


Cousin Ry’s text. She’s the cutest!


Marc and his cousins Robert and Ryland.

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