National Stripe Day

Finally we get to the good stuff.


Black and white stripes are legit my favorite fashion choice. And party choice. Stripes are just so clean, fresh and straight to the point. They go with practically anything. I have seen girls pair it with another print. I’m not as brave but I love it!

I asked Marc what he thought of my favorite collection of shirts and he said “What? The fact that you have 100 of the same shirts?!” hahahahh! Close babe but not really! I have B&W stripe shirts, dark blue and white stripe shirts, gray ones, some with elephants on them, thick stripes, thin stripes, double patterned one….. You get the point. As you can see  from the picture above Marc and I even have matching shirts. That one took a long time to convince him to wear..

I also have striped dresses too that I decided to photograph for my first “shoot” EMBAR.. I know but it was fun! My cousin Kara took these pictures Friday afternoon. I’m not the greatest photo taker. I didn’t even put makeup on.. Big mistake ahahaha! Oh well it was fun!

Do you like stripes as much as I do?

Just Jordanne


Dress with pink skeleton: Cat & Jack from Target. Halloween 2016. size XL for kids. $14.99 {} black tights: gift. $unknown {} black loafers: Merona from Target. $ 24.99 {} Long dress: Merona from Target. $unknown {} Bodycon dress: Forever 21. $18.99 {} Black strapy sandels: Lulus. $26. {} Purse: Kate Spade. gift $unknown. {} Sunnies: Coach. $160 on sale for $80.


This is my favorite purse not only cause the stripes but cause it doesn’t hurt my shoulder ahhaha

IMG_1137 (1)

this dress is from the Cat & Jack collection from Target. yes thats the little girls clothing line but i couldn’t resist! and it fits!
IMG_1197 (1)
jersey striped dress yes
sorry about the no makeup hahaha sometimes i just really don’t want to put it on.


IMG_1184 (1)
favorite dress today.
BTS Just Jordanne being Jordanne
AAKW2641 (3)
cause #SELFIE
BTS goofy highlighter self
GTUU4923 (2)
the sun was not agreeing with my skin and dress. i swear i tan really well.

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