Easter Bunny Baskets

Easter was always a fun time for me when I was a kid. Spring Break means no school and fun activities. Every year my great-grandparents would pick us up and we would go to their house at the beach for Easter fun.

My great-grandma, Dottie, would dress up as the Easter bunny, no I’m not kidding, and she would take my sister and I around to different places and we would be the Easter Bunny’s helpers. We would pass out Easter eggs with candy to kids, people at nursing homes, and medical facilities. She also used to take us to get new Easter dresses. One year I got the most beautiful dress and I wish I still had it.

Since I am so much older than my siblings, 15 and 18 years apart, I like to be a grandma and always get them fun little gifts. I get them Easter baskets every year. I always hit up my favorite spot, the dollar section at Target! Last year I got them gardening kits, seeds, sunglasses, and watering pails. They were so excited!

My mom doesn’t like them to have sugar, which they definitely don’t need anyways, so I just stick to toy baskets and gifts. You can’t go wrong with window stickies, stickers, and coloring books. Target’s dollar section is so so good. Full of all the goodies!

Here are some of the things I got for them this year. I will show the full basket when Easter arrives!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Just Jordanne

of course I had to get them these sunnies!
They love crafts!
Are these not the cutest! I’m going to put them in their front yard.
For Littles, cause she is my little unicorn.
These are little reusable sticker books. The cutest!
I get them window stickies for every holiday and sometimes just because. They basically have them on their window year round hahhah!


I got this for my mom. Shes a sucker for festive table clothes heheheh..
Littles and Bubs Easter 2016. Such hams!
My mom, sister, Easter Bunny Dottie, and I.
This is me and my sister for our 2nd Easter. My mom made these bunny suits herself and they lasted for quite a few years but I won’t overload you with pics haahhaa

2 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Baskets

  1. So cute Jordanne. Thanks for sharing. You were adorable. Your little sister and brother look a lot like you when you were their age Easter is so much fun 🐣


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