Marc’s Birthday!

  1. Marc’s favorite color is blue.
  2. His dream job would have to be something with racing cars.
  3. He loves playing video games.
  4. His favorite food is his mom’s country fried steak. He hasn’t had it in forever tho *wink wink Ty*
  5. Marc’s greatest accomplishment is completing college after 8 years. “WOW. It has been 8 years, hahah technically it’s 7 ½ years!” He took a brief hiatus. And he is still going for his Masters!
  6. His favorite tv show is anything with Aaron Paul in it. Breaking Bad bitch or The Path.
  7. If you could be any animal? “Peregrine Falcon cause it’s fast and can fly.”
  8. He doesn’t like froyo.
  9. His favorite person is his Papa Bob. He taught him everything he knows ahaha!

Now how we met from Marc’s point of view.

“How we met? I dunno. Same class, geology class. You were sitting outside before class and I saw you sitting by yourself. I was thinking of something to say to you. Then when I looked up you were walking right past me and I said something to you. I can’t remember what I said. Something like.. freak what did I say? I was dropping hella lines on you. You sat down and we started talking. I thought you were like older than me like 24 cause I was 23 at the time. You ended up being 18 and I was like what the hell?! Then we gave you a couple rides home (his friend and him) from class. One time you wanted to go to In N Out, as we were pulling up at your house so I took you. I was super excited you said that tho cause I wanted to spend more time with you. That was probably the first time I knew you liked me and now we are here. But that first trip we took to LA (field trip for the class) was pretty funny, when you said you liked guys with full beards and I was like ‘welp that ain’t me’ “

He could go on and on about me saying things that later turn out not right haha. Not intentionally tho!

Yesterday Marc woke up before me like always and then I woke up later and told him I had a surprise for him. I got up and make cinnamon rolls and cut up some apples for him. I put a sparkler candle on one of his rolls and sang him happy birthday. He was very excited. We hung out and cuddled together on the couch watching Seinfeld. Don’t judge us! Hahahah!

He invited a friend over and I went to go pick up his bundt cakes for his birthday get together we had at his parents house.

His dad BBQed hot dogs and hamburgers while his cousins, aunt, and uncle played cornhole with him. We ate outside because we have been having some nice days every so often in this hot town of ours.

We sang him happy birthday and just had some family time with his family.

I asked Marc if he enjoyed his birthday and he did. That’s the goal. He’s pretty easy to please and I’m so grateful for him.

My 27 year old boyfriend is funny to say. Another year older and another year i get to spend with him. I hope he wished for many more!

I love you Marc!

Just Jordanne

His birthday lemon bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. So good!
Uncle Erik and Jeremy, Marc’s friend.
Birthday Bae
Robert, Sam, and Ryland. We got the same picture last year too ahahh!
Hug from Papa! His favorite person!
Mimi and Papa.
Marc and Baili, his cousin.
Erik, Amber, and Baili.
My sweetheart.

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