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Easter Update

Oh what a fun day!

Easter Sunday is one of my favorites. Family time, good food, and Jesus! It is always a fun time that I really enjoy!

This year my great grandma Dottie invited us to her country club in Santa Maria. It is two hours away and is also where my mom lives. Marc and I woke up early to get ready to drive over to my moms. It’s always a nice drive with Marc. We went to my mom’s first to hide Easter eggs in the front yard for my brother and sister. Blue eggs for Brudda and pink for Littles! They each had a golden egg too. I hid a quarter in each egg and a chocolate kiss in the golden egg. They were excited! And oh so cute! I also brought a little something for my mom. Can’t leave that woman out! Even tho I did leave her cookies in the car…

I also brought them Easter baskets from myself, our nana, and our great aunt. They were loaded down with Easter baskets!

Then we went to meet my cousins and great grandma at her country club. We ate brunch and had chocolate covered strawberries! They had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids and while us grown ups were watching them search for the golden egg, we realized (after a kid found it) that we were two feet away from the golden egg! I couldn’t believe it!

After the egg hunt, Marc and I had to leave to make it back home to Marc’s mom’s Easter. We split the drive back cause that’s always the longest. We made it just in time and helped his mom put out the food so we could eat! It was so good! We watched Marc’s nephews and niece look for the eggs we hid. I hid the golden egg so well that I had to give hints. Hehehe!

It was a good day all in all. I’m so glad I got to spend time with my family and Marcs.

I hope everyone had as great an Easter as I did! He is risen!

Just Jordanne

My handsome matching bunny. I am so glad he was by my side all day having fun. We were tired tho. We went to bed at 9! Unheard of around these parts for me!
Search Search Search!


Ok but that butt crack!
She found her golden egg!
He was so excited about finding a quarter in each of his eggs!
Their haul.
They are opening my Easter baskets to them. They were so excited! Especially the little piece of chocolate I put in their egg eheheh.
Little clutched this so tight and said “I loveee unicorns!”
My love bunny
Momma and her boy.
Uncle Scottie, Brudda, Jack Jack.
All the cousins. Brudda, Ryan, Littles, Maddie, Jack, Rhyder!
Sweet Littles.
There they go!
Theres Brudda getting hims eggs! I had no idea where Littles was she was off like a bullet!
My cousins Ryan and Maddie looking for eggs.
Some cuddles with Brudda
She is the cutest!
Yes I like to make us match.
Snapchat action for ya. follow me: just_jordannne
Marc’s Grandparents. They traveled just as much as we did today!
Ty’s beautiful table setting.
Look how cute those plates are!
The food station before the food. Once the food was ready I put down my camera and ate!
Cutest little peep cake.


Heres a bad photo of all of us hahah. My mom probably shouldn’t be allowed to take selfies on her phone.

4 thoughts on “Easter Update

  1. What wonderful pictures and even more amazing memories. Thank you kiddos for making it back into town to celebrate Easter with your Bakersfield family. We love the two of you and Easter wouldn’t have been the same without you. ❤️❤️

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