JJ's Weekend Updates

JJ’s Weekend Update

Let me tell you about how fun this weekend was!

I got to hang out with my family on Friday for my cousins Nerf War party. I’m going to steal my cousins pictures for the party and post them because she did an amazing job! There were so many kids and so many bullets everywhere.

Brudda in the hiding bins.
Brudda and Marc hanging out shooting nerf darts from the table hahaha.

Then Saturday Marc and I hung out for most of the day. He put on his new tires. Long story short, one of his tires popped on his drive home a week and a half ago. He has been driving my car cause his new tires were coming thru the mail. Can you imagine tires in a little envelope?! Hahaha! Its been a tough week but we had to get thru it! Somehow someway!

He put them on and his cousin Robert showed up to get something from our house for a party on Sunday. He ended up staying and helping Marc put the tires on. They got them done pretty quickly and Marc was so excited!

He was switching from the silver ones to the black ones. I think we are keeping the old tires so I can build him something. We kept some old parts from his old Mustang too.
It looks so good now. He just has to black out his symbols and such. Usually I dont like cars that do that but I think his will look good. He takes great care of his car.

We went over to Robert and Sams to set up the baby shower for Lise (pictures are coming soon!)

Then Sunday I woke up before Marc and got all ready, went to the store, and went over to Sam’s to help set up. I walked up and it was pretty much already done! She works quick!

It was an absolutely stunning baby shower and I enjoyed myself so much. It was so fun and easy planning and helping Sam. Shes pretty easy going where I’m frantically running around! I had to contain some of my crazy. No wonder Robert thinks I’m a psycho. I don’t deny it but come on I get stuff done! Hahaha!

Heres a little peek at this weekends Baby Sprinkle!

After the baby shower we got everything cleaned up pretty fast. Dream team! Marc and Robert took mostly everything back that we had borrowed from Ty (Marcs mom, and party supply city!) Sam and I powered thru the dishes and kitchen.

Then we relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the weather. The pool was kinda cold. I can’t wait til its hot enough to jump in!

The Dream Team. Weekend Crew. Enjoying the summer vibes!
I don’t recall how many mimosas I had but they were all fantastic!
Relaxing under Sams new umbrella we were all excited about putting up hahahha! Its the cutest thing! And it didn’t hurt that the weather was so good!
Our favorite little boy!

It was a wonderful weekend. I wish there were more weekends as perfect as this one!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend and a great Monday! I got up early today so I’m on the right track!

Have a great week everyone!

Just Jordanne


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