JJ's Weekend Updates · Party

It’s Mudder’s Day!

Good Monday morning. Hope its not too harsh!

I had my family over to my house to celebrate Mother’s Day early last weekend. Mostly to take Mother’s Day pictures for the blog. She wasn’t there most of the time but we managed to make her stop and take a breather for some pictures hahaha.

It was really a lot of fun.

My mom is a great woman. Shes funny and so very intelligent.

I set out tons of art supplies for my cousins and siblings. Ryan, Littles, and Brudda all made crafts for their mommas. I used my Rifle Paper Co. banner to write out Mudders Day because as I was getting everything set up and ready to go Littles kept saying Mothers Day but she says it like mudder. She is so cute and says the best things.

They are all so sweet!

Hop everyone has a great week and to all the mommas who will read this, yall are so awesome and such superstars! We kids, friends, nieces, cousins, and sons girlfriends love you all so very much!

Just Jordanne




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