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Where did she go?! 

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog post, right?! 

Well I have been dealing with some schedule adjustments and bad luck events. They have kept me pretty busy. I recently started a second nannying job (brings my total of jobs to 3) to the cutest little boy. You can see him on my instagram or snapchat basically every other day. The other boy I watch is equally as cute but older. He is offically out of school and he will keep me busy during the summer. If I’m not watching one boy, I’m with the other. The rare days I don’t have either I’m working at my grandmas office. Sam and I also are trying to start to do party decorating and such. You should see my calendar for June. You would scream. 

I also have come into my bad luck age. You know when you turn 22 and 4 months and the world says “Lets throw some obstacles in her way.” Well I’m there and I’m bitter about it. What I wouldn’t give to be 22 and 4 days. So one day a couple weeks back my car AC broke. Now normal people would not freak out but I live in Bakersfield… where this week we got just a taste of the summer life, 100 degrees. Only one day was really bad, my ankles were sweating. So I got it fixed and it cost an arm, a leg, my left kidney, my hair, my right eyebrow, and my pride. I’m glad its fixed tho! Like really glad! 

This past weekend I went to Vegas with Marc, his grandpa, and his cousins Robert and Sam. It was… memorable. Enough said hahaha. 

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day and I’m going back to Vegas! Crazy I know! But I’m excited. 

It has been a trying couple weeks but I’m looking forward to being as busy as possible, paying off all my debt, and getting back to blogging. 

Go follow me on snapchat: just_jordannne and on instagram: justjordannne to see what I’m doing this weekend in Vegas! 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Just Jordanne 

Mister Ryland!
This cloud was blocking the Vegas sun! I needed to work on my tan.
Our first pool experience together in Vegas


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