Vegas Take 2! Plus A Little More! 

Vegas or Bust!? 

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! 

On Tuesday I got invited to experience Vegas from my bosses perspective and it was sparkling! 

We stayed at The Venetian. It was so pretty and nice. 

My boss got me excited for the cabana she got. Her daughter and I were there at 9 in the morning to check in and I did not leave until almost 4. I got my tan on and had so much fun people watching. No better place to people watch than Las Vegas! Also no worse place to be a child in a pool splashing around with grown me around that whine about being splashed… at… a… pool…! Besides the large babies, it was such a good time! I got my tan on and had pancakes brought to me. The life. I need that life forsure. My boss needs it too cause she deserves it cause shes the best!

Then we went to dinner Saturday night at Morels French Steakhouse and Bistro. They make Cesaer dressing at the table in front of you. It was so good. I had the salmon also and I devoured it. It had a hard caramelized top and it was seasoned so good. After dinner we took the boys (the boy I babysit and a friend) to the Sugar Factory. I got a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake. It was at least a foot tall and so delicious. I ate most of it and I’m not ashamed. 

I had a great time and I feel very thankful and blessed in my life right now. Im extremely busy but oh so blessed. Blessed to have these opportunities, jobs, people around me, and my relationship. 

I returned Sunday afternoon and almost immediately went to hang out at my favorite peeps house. Marc had gone swimming the day before with them and they kept sending me snapchats of them having fun without me. I was extremely jelly! So I had to be around my community asap. We relaxed in the pool and had dinner by the pool too. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. And there was still Memorial Day! 

I’m so proud to be an American. We are all so lucky to have people who sacrifice everything to protect our freedom. They are so brave. I am grateful for my freedom now more than ever. God Bless America! 

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend! Have a great rest of your week! 

Just Jordanne 

The entrance into the Palazzo.
The Sugar Factory!
They had these light up flowers all over the top of the place and they were so pretty!
This was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake that was just so so so good!
This was one of the boys shake. It was a Tye Dye Shake.
I actually used highlighter and for anyone who knows me, knows I dont do makeup very well. But i do love glitter so is it acceptable to just wear highlighter?
My bosses daughter said i looked very “mom” which im going to take as a compliment. My style is very momish to be honest. I wear jeans and stripes almost constantly.
This drink was very very good. Very unsure of what it was called but it was good!

Sam made this Flaminga Rita. It was very good too. Pink Lemonade, Champagne, and Peach Snapps
This little boy is my fave!


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