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Flamingraduation Party!

Honestly I don’t even know how you would say “Flamingraduation Party” but it sounds fun!

Sam and I got hired to do a party for 3 girls (2 from high school, 1 from middle school) who graduated this year. Congrats girls! It turned out so pretty and cute. Sam and I are enjoying this whole party planning thing and hope to make it into something bigger. This last “install” was a lot to do so we decided to add another member to the team. You’ll meet her soon! I’m thinking of just turning this blog or starting another blog for parties. Cause I mean who doesn’t love parties?! Actually I know like two people who don’t but that’s besides the point hahah!

This party’s theme was Hawaiian with a girly twist. We used Hawaiian notes mixed with my personal favorite, black and white stripes! We added pineapples and flamingos to make it girly and more modern. I will link everything below so you can throw your own party!

Tell me what you think of the party!

Hope yall have a good weekend.

Just Jordanne

{Samantha Shaffer Photography @samsydneys}

These banners were so cute and stylish. I want one for my house!
Candy Bar to end all candy bars.


Party Favors
DSC_0079 2
Flamingo Straws from World Market. 
are these pineapple cups the cutest?!
DSC_0082 2
The grad table!


The girls got graduation leis in pretty boxes. Boxes are from Home Goods.
DIY Photobooth.
Photo props on top of photo props!


DSC_0081 2
The girls pictures from kindergarten to senior year.
DIY Table runners. It was a shower curtain from Target that we cut and dyed.
Sam and I put these flower arrangements together and they came out great!


Sam’s idea for these real pineapple table decor was fantastic. It added to the flower arrangements beautifully.

DSC_0100DSC_0115DSC_0087 2DSC_0090DSC_0088

Here’s a few iPhone shots.


This backdrop is my favorite.


They got a virgin margarita machine for the kids!
Every time we have decorated for a party it has been windy. Its so annoying. A vase full of water kept tipping over and the table runners would get messed up! It still turned out to be a great set up! Really cute. 

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