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Cabin Fever

Fun weekend with friends in the wilderness!

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Flamingraduation Party!

Honestly I don't even know how you would say “Flamingraduation Party” but it sounds fun! Sam and I got hired to do a party for 3 girls (2 from high school, 1 from middle school) who graduated this year. Congrats girls! It turned out so pretty and cute. Sam and I are enjoying this whole… Continue reading Flamingraduation Party!

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Just Good Ol’ Jordanne

Let's begin this how so many others have started, shall we.. hello! hi! sup! whats up! what's gucci? My name is Jordanne (obvious right?) I'm a 22 year old who doesn't take herself too seriously. I come from a notoriously funny family but oddly my boyfriend, Marc, doesn't think I’m too funny. Weird right? I’ve… Continue reading Just Good Ol’ Jordanne